10 Things I Wish I Could Change



Here are 10 things I would change if I could….

Getting Old – for more reasons that I could reasonably type in 10 pages of text.  Mostly because you feel like you can see the end of your days and can’t remember a darn thing from the day before yesterday.

Rising Prices – seriously does every single service and product have a price increase every week?  And if they are all legitimate ones, why do they try to hide them?  This reminds me of my Sprint Bill, which has a line item that basically says that this is the increase we are passing on because our costs of doing business have increased.  Really every month, instead of trying to contain those costs and maybe even cut them, just divide by the number of customers you have and tack it onto their bill.

Ignorance – this covers many areas but basically I’d like to see our children coming out of high school actually knowing more than I do – not less.  I’d like to see them be able to add without a calculator, and write so that you can read and understand it.

The Weather – now who hasn’t wanted to change that a time or two.  Right now because it’s a crazy spring, I wish I could just make the temperature an even say…. 65 degrees for a few weeks – before summer hits and I’d want to cool it down say 20-25 degrees.  In winter, I might make the reverse wish, but you get the point.  If I could change it I would.

Rules – Any rule that is silly, stupid or redundant.  In VA, radar detectors are illegal, you may not spit on a sea gull, nor keep a skunk as a pet.  It is totally illegal to park a car on the railroad tracks, or ride on the handlebars of a bike.  In NJ, you cannot pump your own gas into your car, nor delay or detain a homing pigeon.

Time – I’d really like to get just a few extra hours, a few times a week.

Food – I’d outlaw that genetically modified stuff in an instant… or not ever allow it in the first place.

Money – I think the whole idea of a cashless society is flawed.  Right now when we lose power and we do often enough, you cannot buy, sell, or in any way transact financial business.  No one is taking your word that you will come back tomorrow and pay for that item – and you won’t have any way to get what you need from food to gasoline if all you have is plastic and they cannot process your payment.

Law Enforcement – I would just like to change it back to them being there to serve and protect the communities in which they serve, not just themselves and their jobs.  I give all law enforcement credit for doing the job that needs to be done, at personal risk to themselves but I think they’ve gotten trigger happy.

Court System – What a happy day it would be if we could go back to you are innocent until proven guilty.  Right now you stand a snowballs chance in hell if someone (anyone) wants you to be guilty and has the power or the money to make it happen.


So… what about you?  What would you change if you could?