Subway – whose way?

I am done with our local Subway. 

Recently they changed employees (a sure sign something was going on) and then they started running out of food.  What?  Yes, the first time I went in and the employees had changed, they had no flat bread, no olives and no chipole sauce.  The fact that I wanted all three of these — made me leave without getting my lunch.


I seriously thought it was a fluke.  It never happened before. So the next week I went and tried again.  This time the $5.00 footlong of the month was the bacon, egg and cheese on flatbread — but guess what?  This time no flatbread and no egg — and as the girl put it “we aren’t making any more eggs today”.    I got a different sandwich that day but went back to the office and complained to Subway Corporate.

A regional or district manager called me and apologized, wanted to go over my two experiences and ask that I remain a Subway customer.  He promised he was on his way to see the manager of the store, and that the fact that they were running out of items – especially the $5.00 special of the month ingredients was unacceptable.  He promised me that he would be sending me some coupons for free subs and other discounts and I should expect to see them in 7-10 days.  He noted that yes, there was a change in employees because the manager of that store had to move away — however all the employees were changed, so I guess she moved them all with her! 

The coupons never came as promised (it’s been almost 60 days) but the store was stocked the last few times I went in there.   And although I got the “look” when asking for the flatbread and they had to open a new package for me each week – a look that says “do you have to have it on that” is not going to change my mind. 

Two weeks ago, the last time I was there, their oven was broken.  Several people in front of me walked out without sandwiches, and I didn’t know why till I found out about the oven.  The store manager assured me, and I asked at least 3-4 times — that the microwave could heat the sandwiches and they would be fine.  Guess what?  They weren’t.  They were the most miserable sandwiches we have ever had.  The microwave cannot do what the oven can and by the time I got them back to my office…YYCCH.

So Subway, since your way isn’t working for me.  I am not going back to that store.  Yes, I know it means that I will have to chose a different place to go to every Tuesday for my lunch, but you know I cannot fathom paying for a sandwich which I cannot eat.  You wanted to sell a sandwich so bad you lied about how it was going to taste after being microwaved – and that’s the reason, I am no longer a customer.

Please note: The opinions stated here are my own, from my own personal experiences at this particular store.

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  1. You know I wonder that too? And even though I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt — these incidents are annoying and frustrating. It’s not easy to have to drive another mile or two for a sandwich for lunch – but it’s better than having a sandwich you cannot eat.

  2. Holy cow! I think Subways are hit or miss. The one closest to us runs out of spinach almost weekly (um, order more?!) and the one inside Wal-Mart is a HOT MESS… but there are a few I’ve been to that are really nice. I think it all has to do with the owner and employees… it’s obvious that yours is really screwy!!

  3. I quit going there about a month ago. I have a Subway right down the street from where I go to school so my friend and I met for lunch. A footlong, chips and a drink (lunch plus snack at school) cost me like $12 and it tasted like crap! I can buy lunch at Fudrucker’s for $9. Such a rip.

  4. My daughter loves Subway and has created her own sub which a few of the subways in our area will include in the $5 special, but some heinous asses will make us pay $7.99 for, because it is her own concoction. We started going to a new subway a few months ago, and they would run out of food items. This was odd to me because I had never heard of subway running out of food. I thought maybe there was a mad rush on subway footlongs that day. We just didn’t go back. Probably those ex Food Lion employees work at your Subway and are taking that food home.

  5. Our Subway can be great or can be One time we ordered a BLT sub and when my husband got home it had no B or L…lol I said to him didn’t you watch her and he said well I got to talking… But usually ours is great and to my knowledge when we have went there they had all of their ingredients…Sorry you have had such a bad experience.

  6. My husband’s first restaurant management job was for Jersey Mike’s so we aren’t allowed to step FOOT in a Subway, even though he hasn’t been with JM’s in years. Do you have a Jersey Mike’s in your area? They’re freaking AH-MAZING!!!

    Try it.

  7. Hey 🙂 I’m so sorry that that happened to you. I work for a Subway in GA and I know my store runs out of things sometimes, but if we do at all, its not for long because we “borrow” it from another store in our district. This is the manager’s shortcoming. The manager is responsible for all of these things. However, Subway is a customer-service based establishment, so all of these things are crazy! Again, I am really sorry this happened to you! Hopefully, there may be another Subway store in your area?

    1. Thank you for posting…it seems this store went from being fairly great, to absolutely frustrating very quickly. I noticed a change in management and every single employee whom I knew was gone one day — which started the ball rolling in the wrong direction and then even weeks later it was still NOT under control. We haven’t had a Subway sandwich since.

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