Riding Bikes to School

Earlier today while reading the news – this item caught my eye. I wonder today where common sense comes in when dealing with issues such as this.

Sixty-four (64) High School Students were suspended for the day because they rode bikes to school! Ok, they called it a senior prank, but wasn’t it harmless? Would the principal rather they did something bolder, irrational, or down right scary? If you read the story (and the link to the original article is below) they had the mayor, a police escort and even parents lining the streets and cheering them on. But then the principal had to have the last word and suspended all of them…..why? In fact, if she would have known about it in advance (and we sure don’t know if she did from the article), I think she should have rode with them to show her support to the graduating class. Where has all the fun parts of life  gone?Kids On Bikes

So again here is another story that gets you thinking — what’s missing from this story? In my opinion, this is a fun way to do something that marks your senior year, something you can remember at subsequent reunions, tell your kids, and hurts no-one. Can’t you see them borrowing their sisters, cousins or neighbors bikes to ride so they can all participate — I’ll bet the parents were very supportive of this — we know the police and mayor were.  So, in my opinion ~ what I think happened is that the principal said, if you can pull this off, and all ride bikes to school, I’ll give every one of you the day off. The only way I can do that officially is to call a suspension day, but teens the day will be yours! Enjoy it and stay safe.

All opinions are mine, including the made up portions and new ending to this story.  I just can’t help myself from doing this, otherwise it just doesn’t make sense!
Credit for the original report to Kyle Olson, EAGnews.org.  Original story here:  http://eagnews.org/students-suspended-for-riding-bikes-to-school/


4 thoughts on “Riding Bikes to School”

  1. I think that every high school student should ride their bike to school and see what the principal does then…I imagine that the principal’s job may be up for grabs after this year…What a meanie!

  2. that is just un heard of. There are many kids who ride bikes to school so i really dont get the issue. I mean everyone wants our kids to get off their butts and be more active and this just disscourages it. That principal is looney.

  3. I don’t know this story but something tells me that the suspension is going to wind up in the Principals you know what very soon! If they had the support of the mayor and the police (if they knew how in the world did SHE not know) the school board is not going to be happy!

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