In the News Today – Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law

I am going to start a new column where I comment or give you my opinion on things that are actually in the news.   The local, national or the world news is all fair game.  The subjects will run the gambit from just plain mundane to the weird and unusual.   Most of them will make both of us wonder where this world is headed.

Remember these will all be my personal opinions – I have no inside data, or sometimes even a solid reason for having these particular opinions.  These will all be based on what I read in the news — and quite honestly we all know that from one paper to the next the stories are slanted to the left or the right of center.

Starting off  I also want to say that sometimes the news just doesn’t add up.  Take the Trayvon Martin case as an example.  They spell his name different in several different accounts – aren’t newspapers supposed to check that before they publish?  News agencies and even some of the more involved parties have already said they lied, hid data, twisted the information a bit, and did other things that compromised the real story for the sake of sensationalism.

In this particular case, his death is a tragedy.  I am sorry it happened. I wish it could have been avoided.  However, being a gun owner, and having been trained and schooled in its appropriate and inappropriate use, I do not for one minute believe that George Zimmerman is guilty of second degree murder.  I think the officers and original decision to let him use the Florida Stand Your Ground defense was the correct and adequate decision.  Why? Because I cannot believe that he would have ever shot Trayvon if there hadn’t been a darn good reason to do so.  No person trained to use a firearm and who understands the protocol of appropriate use, would do that.  It’s a last resort choice, not a first resort.

Here in Virginia, we were trained that no matter whom we shoot for whatever reason, we will be charged with second degree murder until all the facts are weighed.  We were told to expect to pay $250,000 in lawyer fees to defend yourself against a rightful shooting.  George is from Virginia – and I am sure he didn’t just pick up a gun one day at a gun show and not learn why, how and when it would be appropriate to use it.

Maybe I am naive in this thinking, maybe there are people out there just waiting for a reason to shoot and to kill a teenager?  But I’d like to think I’m not.  In closing, I like to say a word to Trayvon’s mother and father – making this a media circus and trying to make money off of your son’s death is disgraceful.


8 thoughts on “In the News Today – Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law”

  1. That is an interesting take on the whole story and an even more interesting incite on the law in VA! I had no idea that it was like that!

  2. My other half has actually been the one from the beginning to say that it’s not likely that he just shot him to shoot him, knowing what could happen to him afterward. It was a tragic loss of life of a teen and even Zimmerman is a victim in the end. His life will never be the same.

  3. I think most media nowadays just want to get the story out as fast as they can and not worry about the facts until later. What you brought up was interesting though. Either way, both sides lives have been turned upside down by the tragic event.

  4. I hate that the media spun this the way they did. They plastered an image of Trayvon from when he was like 12, and an image of Zimmerman when he was like 250lbs. If they had been honest from the get-go I might have believed the story a bit more.

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