Common Sense

Common Sense 

Do you have it?  I always thought that someone who does something foolish is lacking in common sense…. but I am finding out sometimes people are just fools and to me that’s annoying!

Every day I see examples of people acting, doing and saying foolish things.  Who do they think they are kidding – doesn’t anyone else see the ridiculousness in all of this?   All my life I would have done just about anything not to be a fool.   Yet today people seem to embrace foolishness and call it being unique, one of a kind, “who they are” or “how they roll.”   I beg to differ.  You are not a fool if you dress differently, like a certain style of fashion or music, or even if you are unique in some bizarre way. 

You are a fool if you blatantly violate the rules of common sense.  Common sense says you don’t walk in front of a moving car – unless you are trying to kill yourself.  It says you don’t drink household cleaners or “mess” with bath salts.  It’s that small voice that says this is just plain wrong, don’t do it. 

Your common sense is lacking, and by my definition you are a fool if for example, you are a judge and make a ruling that clearly wasn’t backed up by the witnesses for any reason.  If you are a police officer who pulls someone over for having a light out and then beats the crap out of them because you felt like it.  If you are a mother who thinks she can have her crack and still take good care of her children.  If you are a father who thinks buying video games each month or anything else is much more important than paying your child support and worse still doesn’t understand that those children are your responsibility.

When you take things that are valuable in this life (justice, order, parenthood) and throw them away in favor of your own selfish and sometimes childish wants, needs or desires, instead of doing what’s right, and what needs to be done you are a fool.

I just pray I never fall victim to any of your foolishness.

10 thoughts on “Common Sense”

  1. I like to try to give people the benefit of the doubt. Sure, there are TONS of people that just don’t care, but there are also people (like me) that are too busy chasing a toddler or lost in their own world that don’t realize their common sense when missing 🙂

  2. Hmm, it sounds like you’ve met my family with this one! 😛 My other half and I always look at warnings on some toys and products and go, “I bet someone tried this for them to put it on… ” 🙂

  3. Well said! It is the person who knows better but does it anyway and is surprised when it turns out badly….I know too many of those fools.

  4. I was just having a conversation with my 8 year old trying to explain this in a way he can understand. We were talking about asking questions to which you surely already know the answer that are both annoying and irrational, and generally irritating to the whole group of people you are with. I explained to him that it means the person who is guilty of this lacks a social barometer and some semblance of common sense. Otherwise they could gauge that the group is not amused by their behavior (social barometer) and would cease that behavior (common sense). I told him at his age, there would be more kids without common sense because they are just learning to use this skill. It was not what I was thinking, but alas, it is the truth.

  5. Everyone has common sense in which they choose to ignore it or not. I think as you grow, you realize it, but some do fail to realize just because you are “unique” still doesn’t warrant you from not knowing how you can make yourself look like a fool in the worse way.

  6. Very few people seem to have it now a days. I always tell myself if there is one thing I need to teach my kids its to use common sense!

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