Could it be a Coincidence?

COINCIDENCE, FATE,COLLECTIVE MIND,DIVINE INTERVENTION OR JUST CHANCE?I have heard so much talk recently on TV shows and in books I read regarding coincidences.  Usually their view is that there aren’t any ~ and then the characters of these shows or novels use that information in a positive way to solve the crime, issue or problem that is part of the story.

But, I still don’t understand why they keep saying there are no coincidences.  I actually experienced an unexplainable coincidence yesterday. 

Background – I have a cell phone for emergencies, and I don’t even give out my number.  I never know where the phone is (usually) and so I never answer it if someone calls me. When I do have it and need to use it, I am lucky if it’s charged.  You get the idea, this phone is not the center of my life and I prefer to go about my day without the interruptions it can cause.

Yesterday at exactly the same time – 1:00 PM both my husband and I happened to text my son about his computer.  Not only hadn’t we spoken about doing it, or even about the computer, we were in totally different places unaware what the other was doing.  For me, it was an amazing coincidence because I had to think about doing it, find my phone, check the battery power, lookup my son’s number and then text.  That takes time for me and some effort.  Yet both phones show each text gone out at exactly 1:00 PM.  Next and maybe a bit stranger, was the fact that my son happened to be on break at work at the exact time of the texts, and was surprised to get texts from both of his parents about his computer at the same time.

And if you are to believe the “no coincidences” theory, what does that mean? Are the events of our lives really objective or subjective?  Is there a collective mind, or consciousness that we can tap into?  Did we somehow know he’d be on break; did we know he needed to know about his computer; did we both sense the same thing and react at the exact same time?

In the last few years things like this been happening to both my own family and others that I know.  More and more it seems to point to the fact that there is a collective consciousness where we can tap into others thought patterns, emotions and actions.   Sometimes, I do really just know something is going to happen, in advance.  So, I started telling others what I felt before it happened.  I’d tell them what was going to happen and when (like within the next 10, 20 or 30 minutes this will happen).  I am sure they were skeptical at first but when it just kept coming true I knew I had validated those feelings as being accurate (since I now had credible witnesses to back it up).  

Once I even predicted a house was going to blow up — and I didn’t do it by saying that house is going to blow up — that’s not how I “felt” it.  We were driving through an old neighborhood and I said if I had that house next to mine (think salmon color, like pink flamingo’s) I think I might have to blow it up.  I was joking of course.  That very night a house blew up!  It wasn’t the ugly house, but the nicer house I was referring to when I said “if I lived there”…. right next door to the ugly house … but it blew totally and completely.   Luckily the family that actually lived there was not home!   I didn’t even know about this incident till about a week later in the local newspaper, and I seriously had a hard time believing it.  I made my husband drive by there again to check it out, and sure enough it was the exact house.

Another time, when we were looking to buy a house, we found one my eldest son and husband loved.  But as we stood outside the front of the house, I said — we cannot buy this house as it is covered in blood, don’t you see it? (Of course they didn’t)  It turned out the home inspection showed at least 3 different issues that would/could kill someone who lived there and he urged us to take immediate action and notify the homesellers as they were in actual and current danger from electrical fire, gas leak explosion and carbon-monoxide poisoning.  We gave them our $450.00 home inspection report at no charge to try and save them from any one of those things actually happening to them…and we didn’t buy the house!

Many scientists have reported that coincidence “incidents” are more pronounced and more visible in people who have a strong emotional bond such as identical twins.  That bond allows them to build an increased capacity to deeply understand each other’s thinking and be able to predict and react to the other without the other being present.  But what is it that makes two people do the same thing at exactly the same time, or gives someone the knowledge in advance of an event that hasn’t yet happened?  Why did we drive down that street that day, or look at that particular house to buy? Just a coincidence or more?

It still amazes me to hear of these types of coincidences.  But, because I have experienced so many unexplained things myself and because I react to things based on strong immediate feelings that seem to be accurate, I am thinking there might be something to the collective mind theory ~ where information flows freely to those that have access to it.

By the way, my husband of 40 years now takes no chances.  You may think it’s hilarious, but if I even say “Why are we going down this street?”, he will immediately take another route.  I always ask him why, and he always says, I have lived with you for 40 years, if you are asking you know something and we aren’t taking any chances.

What do you think?  Want to hear more about my personal experiences with this?  Have any experiences you want to share?


Speaking from experience – this is one category that has been a source of annoyance for me for a long time.  Recently, it seems there has become a new awareness of just how devistating allergies can actually be to those who have them.

I am thinking specifically when talking about new awareness to the peanut and gluten allergies.  I cannot fathom the stress that might accompany having a child with a peanut allergy and hoping no child in his school brings in a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  And while most aren’t as severe as that, I can tell you that just existing without coming in contact with peanuts has got to be mind-boggling.  Not only do you have to read ingredient labels, and avoid the obvious, but you also have to be aware of items that may have been cross contaminated in factories that produce non-peanut items. 

I have a medium size “list” of allergies, but my food allergies are to both fructose and corn.  I guess they go hand in hand really. Fructose is fruit sugar and it’s just about everywhere and in just about everything called fruit (even lemons).   High Fructose Corn Syrup is made from corn.  With this type of allergy,  I really can come close to  a peach,  or an ear of corn ~ I just can’t eat it.  If someone sneaks some into my food ~ I know it pretty quickly.  The first thing that happens is my sinuses swell and that’s a pretty obvious outward sign because you will hear me trying to breathe.   I then usually go into an asthma attack, the severity of which is determined by the amount I ingested. Sometimes my face swells or I break out in a rash, or just itch all over or get really nasty.  I have identified several of the ones that cause “really nasty” and let me just say I absolutely and totally avoid them.

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Superstitions & Cribs

When I first became a mother in 1978, times were hard and dollars were in short supply.  I had been married for over 6 years and we hadn’t prevented pregnancy, it just didn’t happen!  I got so darn sick, so fast even the doctor I saw believed it was the flu.  The only one who knew differently was my mother, and she shared that information with everyone but me. When I did find out, I had no one to tell.  My mother had already told them weeks before.

My mother claimed to be the seventh child of the seventh generation.  That designation we were told gave her insight into many things. Obviously knowing someone else was pregnant was one of them.  She often said she just knew things before they happened.  She was also a very lucky person.  However, it wasn’t until one of my sisters gave me a crib for my expected baby that we put one of her superstitions to the test.

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Incurable Mistakes

You have been there.  A mistakes is made, but a solution cannot be found.

My first inkling that I might be a victim of an incurable mistake is an invoice for lab tests.  I look at the bill and see my insurance company paid .02 cents and I owe $97.10.  This was a mistake, as I had kept careful track of my deductible – and I had fully met my $1200.00 deductible the  month before these lab tests.

Round 1 (next morning) I call and hit the jackpot with a representative who looks through the file, finds the error, and then documents it for the “researcher” who will get it first.  Then it goes back to claims and the bill will be resubmitted for payment.  I am on the phone about 30 minutes and am thinking … wasn’t that easy.  How refreshing!Incurable Mistakes

Round 2 (2 weeks later) My resubmission of the claim is denied for the same “WRONG” reason the first one was — my out of pocket costs were miscalculated.  My first representative saw this and documented it, but somehow whoever the researcher was missed it.  So I email them.  I get a response I cannot open at first (security issues) and when I do, it restated their position about the out of pocket and flatly denies the claim.

Round 3 (next day) I call and find out that they admit a mistake was indeed made, but it’s really too hard to fix and there is no provision for fixing it.   WHAT?  This particular “incurable mistake” happened with a pharmacy error in May of the previous year.   It cannot be fixed because pharmacy (prescription medicine) has only a 15 day window in which anyone can challenge a pharmacy error. Read more “Incurable Mistakes”

Unethical Dentistry

How many of you check your dental invoices to make sure you (or your children) received everything you actually paid for?  I am in the habit of checking all of my receipts and can tell you honestly that I usually find mistakes in almost every receipt.

This particular blog post is about a dentist who likely pads every bill and one way she tried to pad mine.

I have bonded front teeth which means that there only parts of my real front teeth remaining, and the rest is bonded and shaped to look natural.  The bonding lasts 10-15 years  and occasionally a piece cracks off and has to be repaired.   The repair is usually one visit to the dentist and costs about $300, based on my own experiences.Unethical Dentistry

The last time the bonding broke off , I went online and searched for a yearly dental plan.   These plans offer discounts across the board for any dental services.  They are relatively inexpensive and there are benefits above and beyond just bonding.  I looked for a plan that gave me what I thought I would  need for the year, at the lowest possible cost and had no waiting time.  These plans will often provide discounted rates  for your entire family, or anyone who is related and lives in your household at no additional cost.  Remember it’s not insurance and it’s not a copayment situation,  you pay to get all the listed services at a discounted price.  Many of these plans also provide  free checkups, free x-rays, and even free cleanings.  You pay for the year, get your card(s) and list of dentists (check this out before you sign up, as you do want to make sure there are some in your actual location first!) and then you are free to call and set up your appointment with any of their listed dentists or specialists. Read more “Unethical Dentistry”