Sometime Friends ~ Short

Friends are nice to have – most of the time.  They are there for you and you are there for them.  It’s something that helps makes the things that happen to all of us in this world easier to accept.   Someone to call when you have good news or bad.  Someone to spend your leisure time with having fun. Someone who is there and cares for you no matter what!

Occasionally a friendship goes a little wrong, and they become a “sometime” friends.  That’s right, sometimes they are your friends and sometimes they are not.  All of us probably have  had this happen to us, especially if we have any years under our belts.  There are reasons and seasons to life where friends are more important and play more key roles in our lives — and other times when our family takes priority and we must limit our time with our friends.

But then again sometimes things just go awlfully wrong.   In the video on YouTube here:  VIDEO ~  there is an example of what we believe was once friendship, ending just so wrong.

This is our gas station and this incident just happened Sunday night.  It seems that the man paid for the gasoline in the vehicle the girl eventually leaves in.  The man had been in the rest room… then he kind of wobbles out towards the car and  falls to the ground.  The girl gets out of the vehicle, not once, not twice but three times, emptying his pockets of everything he has… she even turned him over to make sure she had everything.  And then sadly, she leaves him there “unconscious” on the ground.  She doesn’t alert anyone, she doesn’t call 911 and she sure doesn’t stick around.

When the ambulence got there, he told them he was robbed.  He had had prescription medications on him as well as other things.  She took everything… he didn’t even have his ID any longer.  It was all long gone with the “girl”.  She robbed him, and she didn’t call for help,  and she left him there.  I cannot imagine totally why – I could guess, but it would only be a guess.  So, I can just say one thing… please people if you have a friend, acquaintance, neighbor or just see someone who needs help  — be kinder to them this woman was!

Missing Blog Prizes?

What can be more annoying than to win something, but never receive it?   How easily something just that simple turns from a win-win-win to a lose-lose-lose.  I have read countless reasons why a prize is not delivered as promised, and each time I have to wonder what the real reason might be.

Have you had this happen to you?  There are more of you than you think!  I thought maybe I was just one of the few people who didn’t receive a blog prize I had won.  But being around the blogosphere, I have found out that there are hundreds and the list of problems with receiving these prizes run from the mundane to the unbelieveable.   In fact, if I didn’t know better I would think there is a eBook you can purchase that will give you 1001 reasons to give a prize winner why their prize isn’t likely ever to be received.  

Bloggers are real people, and real people have lives that take priority over anything they may blog about, including giveaways – but there is only so many times you can hear these excuses before you realize they just simply do not care about you, their reader. So who is harmed the most when something goes awry,  the winner, the blog owner, or perhaps the sponsor?  I say all three.  

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Cable – Phone – Internet Providers

This is a guest post ~ my first of what I hope will be many.  Hope you enjoy it.

Do you want to know what really annoys me? It’s my cable/phone/internet provider.
I know I could shop around, but it’s time consuming and I’m lazy. I prefer it all on one bill, in one place, etc. Seems everytime I have called them for support recently, I have someone from some other country on the phone which:

1. I can’t understand because their accent is so thick;
2. They want me to pay for services I am already paying for!
For example, I was having trouble getting HD and OnDemand on only one television in my house. It kept going down, and each time I had to call for Tech assistance, I was on the phone for at least an hour. Talk about annoying! The most recent time it went down, I was just so plain frustrated that I didn’t even call them for 2 months because I didn’t want the entire long, drawn out process of having to dig behind the furniture, find the right buttons and wires, etc….

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