It’s Annoying ~ Speed and Red Light Camera’s

The first thing I want to say about these to be crystal clear — these aren’t about anything but revenue.  The revenue is for the owners of the camera and for the towns/states/municipalities that use them.  This revenue is no small amount; we are talking multiple millions per year.

If that wasn’t the case, the municipalities that use these cameras would care if there was an actual violation and who actually committed it. But they don’t, pure and simple.  They just want the vehicle owner to pay the fine. They just want the money.

Most times you will not win, if you try, as they assume guilt. Hey, they have the picture, right? And even if the camera is broken, you are still guilty.  And even if you were in Iraq or on the moon, your car was the one we have on camera and you are guilty.

In my opinion, and everything I write is my opinion, I think that stinks.  Why? Because I often let others use my personal and company vehicles. I often leave my keys in case someone needs to use my vehicle, or move it, etc. Sure I expect them to drive it gently, and to obey the law.  I believe most times they do.

Annoying Example One: Traffic Light Street Line

There is a seemingly new interpretation regarding the red light cameras in many states.  I guess their revenues weren’t as high as they expected.  It seems now, that if your tire touches the white line – you are guilty of running a red light and they are sending tickets for same*. If your car stopped, but if your tire went over the white line you can and most likely will be found guilty of this violation at any traffic signal equipped with these cameras.  My advice then, based on that is run the damn light and get the ticket legitimately.  The hell with safety, and doing what’s right by trying to stop – if you are going to get the ticket anyway, and have to pay the fine, with little to no hope of contesting it and it’s “just that close” run the damn light.


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It’s Annoying: Contracts & eBay

I am not a novice when it comes to eBay or contracts.  I have used both.  I had sold items on their site for years.  My business account has over 4100 positive feedbacks.

They have a great business model.  It provided for a triple WIN situation.  eBay gets fees for listing and selling (win), sellers were able to rotate inventory and make sales(win), and the buyer got a product at a great price (win).

eBay, however, has grown and changed.  In my opinion and everything I write is my own opinion, if you are still selling on eBay there might be a few things you didn’t read very carefully when they presented you with the “changes” to your agreement.  Contracts & eBayThat contract is the reason we don’t sell on eBay any longer, and I’ll get to them in a minute.

Am I the only one who believes you need to read and be able to agree to everything in every contract or agreement you sign.  If you don’t agree, you don’t move forward. You should never just think… well, that will never happen – and just sign (although a sales person may tell you so).  Or just sign because you don’t want to take the time to read the contact.  Please remember you are bound legally by what you sign/agree to, and when someone (anyone) presents you with a contract – the terms and conditions of the contract are in their best interest, not yours.

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